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Consulting on Market Launches and New Business Development.

Diligently Generate Good Profits

If we want to attain the global development goals by 2030, we have to reconcile economics and ecology.
Sustainability is the benchmark for well-balanced business management.
Since 2005, we have advised companies and organisations in this regard.

How is your situation?

Alice Drooghmans


We are cosmopolitan, have a profound interest in new ideas and possess the courage to try out things and to alter the perspective.

We understand how to discover commonalities and develop meaningful ideas.

This is how internationality functions across all boundaries.

We want to make our contribution so that sustainability will lead to concrete results and progress.

We work with verve and passion on teams with an international make-up for mutual benefit.



Consulting Principles

We see in sustainability vast potential for robust company development for products and services.

We are convinced that teamwork leads to tailor-made results and value intercultural cooperation in all its facets.

We will advise you in a creative, trustful and flexible manner and favour results from a collective cooperation.

We will support you and your employees so that you can understand a new cultural and linguistic environment and thus attain internal acceptance quickly.

News & Views

3DKonzeptLab 2019 – Save the Date! September 12 -13, 2019 in Berlin

We invite you to get to know the latest developments in the 3D printing industry.…

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SDG Summit Brussels

Together with my colleague Marie-Lucie Linde at the SDG Summit in Brussels. Many exciting conversations…

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It’s culture stupid!! 💥💥
Auch beim #SustainableFinance Panel beim #RNE19 ist dies eine der Kernbotschaften, die darüber entscheiden, ob die Finanzbranche die Kurve bekommen!

Der Fonds für den Atomausstieg in Deutschland legt 24 Mrd. Eur Kapital nach Nachhaltigleitskriterien an. #SustainableFinance #GreenBonds #ESG #RNE19 https://t.co/UVio67tG7W

Olaf Scholz, German Minister of Finance at the #RNE19 Conference #SustainableFinance is a good topic!
Possible Co2 pricing scheme needs to be put on the EU Agenda. https://t.co/fzXGFz9rJz

Today at the German RNE (German Council for Sustainable Development) Conference, a very emotional pladoyer from Jakob Bladel from #FridaysForFuture. Now Chancellor Angela Merkel on stage!
4000 days to go till 2030! We need to speed up!!!
#RNE19, #susta…https://t.co/KPsHqjRI4X

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