3DKonzeptLab 2019 – Save the Date! September 12 -13, 2019 in Berlin

14. June 2019

We invite you to get to know the latest developments in the 3D printing industry. We from Drooghmans are responsible for the panel:3D – The 3 dimensions of sustainability. The panel will be a colourful mix of representatives from the industry, 3D printing experts, sustainability and financial experts. More Information

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SDG Summit Brussels

7. May 2019

Together with my colleague Marie-Lucie Linde at the SDG Summit in Brussels. Many exciting conversations and positive spirit on moving forwards towards a more sustainable world! 100 CEOs launch a Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe.

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Business Reporting on SDGs

17. August 2018

Practical guide with a focus on addressing Investors needs in Business Reporting on the SDGs. The guide is meant to be used together with other relevant tools released by GRI and the UN Global Compact. PDF: Business Reporting on SDGs

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Blueprint on The Transormation Journey

16. August 2018

Reporting 3.0 has released the Blueprint No 5 on The Transformation Journey. Entrepreneurs and organisations will find practical approaches and guidelines on value-based management. As Ralph Thurm of Reporting 3.0 says  “There is no Sustainable Business in an Unsustainable world”.

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SDG Summit in Brüssel

11. June 2018

Also in 2018 we were at the SDGs-Summit and very pleased to learn that: International Associations have put the SDGs and their agenda and start working with their members on defining sector KPIs. Linda Kingo -CEO & Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact – has promised an practical guide on the implementation of…

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Nachhaltigkeits EarlyBirds 2017

16. February 2018

Wir freuen uns, dass wir bei den „Nachhaltigkeits“ EarlyBirds dabei sind und für 2017 unsere Entsprechenserklärung beim DNK veröffentlicht wurde. Wir nehmen Bezug auf die SDGs.

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