Consulting & Services

At Drooghmans International, we want to support you and your company to continue to be future-oriented and successful. In this context, we will cooperate with you in order to constantly analyse the three central strategic levels which, based upon our experience, will impact your market success in the future.

New Business Development

Why Business Development Will Bring You Sustainable Market Success?

The market is changing faster than ever. New requirements are defining new “rules of the game” for companies’ market success. It is thus even more important that you are strategically addressing the continued development of your business and answering the following questions:

  • What markets are the right ones for my product or my service?
  • How can I optimally position my products and services on the market?
  • What value do innovation and sustainability have in my industry?
  • How can I test new strategies without immediately increasing my number of employees?

We will gladly support you as you answer these questions!

Analysis of Trends

We will cooperate with you in order to identify the global and national trends and developments for your industry and your business segments as you develop your company in new markets.


We will work with you in order to develop business model, market and/or process innovations for your sustainable company success.


Together with you, we will dare to “see the bigger picture” and find new market opportunities – both nationally and internationally – and, as necessary, support you during the formation of new branch offices.


We will find results-oriented investors beyond national borders to help you realise your sustainable business idea.


  • Strategic and communicative support during the market launch of products and services in new markets
  • Conducting analyses of markets and trends
  • Concept development for sales and marketing strategies
  • Providing support during the search for investors or dealers
  • Providing strategic support during the formation of new branches (e.g. in the form of interim management)


How Will You Successfully Implement Sustainability within Your Company?

Sustainability is a central mega-trend which no company may ignore. Last but not least, since it has also reached the capital market under the buzzword “Sustainable Finance”. It is even more important that you integrate sustainability comprehensively into your strategy and answer the following questions:

  • Why is sustainability relevant for my company?
  • Where does my company stand with regards to sustainability?
  • What are the essential fields of action for my company?
  • How can I improve my sustainability level and transparently communicate this?

We will gladly support you as you answer these questions!


We will help you to identify opportunities to improve your sustainability within your company’s context as well as central trends and developments on the capital market.


Together with you, we will analyse and test your current business model and/or your new business idea for sustainability

Strategy & Management

While working together with you, we will comprehensively integrate sustainability into your strategy and organisation so that you will be able to safeguard your company’s value on the market in the future


We will support you during the communication and positioning regarding the theme of sustainability on the market (e.g. through a DNK [German Sustainability Code] Declaration)


  • Introductory/keynote presentations regarding sustainable development
  • Strategy-related consulting (e.g. in the form of workshops) regarding sustainable company development
  • Status quo analyse of entrepreneurial sustainability performance
  • Providing support during the CSR reporting (in accordance with the German Sustainability Code)


In the CORRESPONDING DECLARATION of Drooghmans International LTD, you will find out more about our entrepreneurial sustainability services and our contribution to the 17 goals (SDGs) for sustainable development which will transform the world by 2030 and make it more sustainable.


During times in which the world equates to a global village, interconnected thinking and action are of critical importance to your market success. It is necessary to understand your partners’ business culture and their special needs. It is even more important that you, as a company, are able to find the right partners for you and to connect with them.

We will gladly support you!


We will connect you, nationally and internationally, with the stakeholders who are relevant to you for your business idea and support you during the coordination of your international projects.


We will find the right partners and investors for you and support you during the negotiations so that you will attain market success.


We will act as an intermediary interculturally during the development of new national, but above all international, markets for your company.


  • Support during the development of strategic and operational partnerships, both internationally and nationally
  • Strategic consulting on public affairs/relations issues
  • Conception and implementation of partner events
  • Management of partners’ projects on-site and in close proximity to market events

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