We work for and cooperate with companies from a wide array of industries and will support you on your journey of discovery in order to identify new market opportunities. Our clients come from the following industries:

Financial management

Raw materials management

Industry and machine construction

IT and telecommunication


Food industry and packaging

Personnel and training

Culture and tourism

Governments, institutions and foundations

Identifying commonalities, developing meaningful ideas and emphasising intercultural understanding are of critical importance for business success across international borders. Thus, we cooperate with our clients and partners in a wide array of languages. Together with our partners, we skilfully use German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Spanish as working languages.

We feel right at home in a diverse and intercultural working environment!


aWe wish to extend our thanks to the following companies, institutions and
organisations which have already bestowed their confidence in Drooghmans International:

Fluorsid SA – (Italy)
Market Analysis + Market Launch for Kazakhstan

DIE WELT und WELT am SONNTAG (Germany)
Concept + Marketing for Special Publications

FERI Trust GmbH (Germany)
Consulting on the Market Launch for the Benelux

Naspa Wiesbaden (Germany)
CSR Workshop

BDMO Upgrading Packaging (Belgium)
Consulting on the Market Launch for Germany

Verimpex NV (Belgium)
Market Launch for Germany

Worldhotels (Germany)
Media Research for Europe

European Central Bank (EU)
Euro 2002 Information Campaign (agency network)

BT Global Services (UK)
Dealer Event in Paris

Coordination of Image and Brand Campaign (agency network)

Event-TV (Belgium)
International Programme Creation

EU-Russia Centre – Brussels
Consulting + Public Affairs for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Invest In Italy (ICE, Sviluppo Italia)
Launch for Germany, Publicity Work

Verband 3D-Druck Berlin
[3D-Printing Association of Berlin] e.V.
Association’s development through work on the “Sustainability” Committee

WeSustain (Germany)
Market Launch for the Benelux

APG (Netherlands)
Consulting + Coordination Knowledge Tour

Talenter Talenting Business & People (Portugal)
Consulting on the Market Launch for Germany

Streamovations BVBA (Belgium)
Market Analysis for Germany

VectorVest, Inc. (NC, USA)
Market Analysis + Project Management for Europe

Dimension (USA)
Publicity Work for Germany

Promotor-BB&K (Germany)
E-Learning Sales and Communication Concept

BT Ignite (UK)
European Press Conference in Brussels

Volkswagen, The Car City (Germany)
Coordination of Launch Campaign (agency network)

Warner Bros. Movie World (Germany)
TV Promotion + Sweepstakes at Event-TV, Belgium

Essent Energy (Netherlands)
Market Launch for Germany

State of Wisconsin (USA)
Consulting + Project Management for Local Companies There

Netherland Genomics Initiative (Netherlands)
Coordination of the Conference for Germany

SDG Investments – Germany
Market Launch for the Benelux

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