We are convinced that, through collaboration and teamwork, a trustful and highly-competent cooperation with you and your company will be successful. In order to accomplish this, at Drooghmans International, we ourselves – in accordance with SDG 17 “Partnerships for the Attainment of Goals” – rely on tried-and-tested partner.

Marie-Lucie Linde | marieluCIE.

Marie-Lucie Linde

Marie-Lucie Linde is a Consultant for Sustainable Corporate Management and Communication and a Certified CSR Manager (Fundraising Academy) and advises companies on the integration of sustainability into a value-oriented corporate culture and corporate management and supports clients on the journey in change management and communication. For five years, she has, among other tasks, worked as the Product Manager for the NWB Publishing House and co-developed the sustainability brand and sustainability management method called “N-Compass”.

At the university, she studied “EN/FR Multi-Lingual Communication” (Bachelor’s diploma) and “European Studies” (Master’s diploma) and, after completing her university studies, worked for four months at an environmental protection organisation on Mauritius and implemented her first sustainability projects there.

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The Institut für Strategie & Kommunikation [Institute for Strategy & Communication] – ISK

The ISK develops brand and communication strategies for private and public companies with focusses on brand management, marketing and communication. Its mission is the strategic advanced development of brands during the digital transformation age. In order to do this, the ISK analyses markets, brands and target groups as well as develops strategies and recommendations for action for sustainable success.

Via tools such as the Social Media Observatory (SMO), the ISK InfluenceMap®, and Transformation Monitoring (TM), for example, the accelerated transformation in the disruptive markets (among others, sustainability, globalisation and digitalisation) can be chronologically and dynamically decoded which transparently depict the change in a company’s brand value or its reputation, e.g. through its efforts in the area of sustainable corporate management. The KPI measurement ensures the monitoring and documentation of goal attainment.

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sustainable natives eG

Drooghmans International is a partner of the Cooperative of Sustainable Corporate Consulting called “sustainable natives eG”

sustainable natives is an association of independent entrepreneurs who have formed a cooperative society. This company form enables it to bundle the strengths of many diverse players across borders in order to attain sustainable transformation. Thus, at Drooghmans International, we can also contribute our expertise from the business development segment in combination with sustainability and know-how regarding ESG and impact investing.

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Dr. Justus Bobke

At the university, Justus Bobke studied History and Business Management and initially worked as a Journalist. Thereafter, he worked twelve years in permanent job positions at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the international agency network called Trimedia as well as the market firms called Partners for Berlin and Hamburg Marketing.

In 2007, he formed his own firm and is a Consultant for Brand Development, Political Consulting and Management Coaching, formed the network of experts called AlleFürEinen [All for One] and, since 2016, has been the President of the 3D-Printing Association – which represents the interests for the 3D-printing technology in Berlin.

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Steinbeis Consulting Centre Technological Transformation

As an innovation partner for technologies, networks and sustainability, we offer practical and targeted technology consulting for sustainable business success. With our independent consulting services, we support companies in successfully mastering the challenges of accelerating technological change and digitalization, and in seeing the opportunities for creating added value. We achieve this through a sound analysis of cross-industry technology and sustainability trends, which we combine in a holistic consulting approach with a practice-oriented definition and implementation of achievable technology goals. For achieving these goals, we identify and establish tailored partnerships. We integrate the topic of sustainability into our consulting right from the start, with the aim of strengthening the future viability of our clients.

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CIC Wiesbaden
Honorary member of the
Global Business and Sustainability Committees

Every third Wednesday of every month, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Alice Drooghmans makes herself available for a 45-minute individual consultation on the theme of sustainability during the CIC Consultation Day called “Concrete CSR”.

The persons to whom consulting services are rendered as namely the decision-makers at companies which are already established which wish to quickly develop their fields of action as well as likewise start-ups which want to anchor their responsibility owed to the society and the environment from the very outset in their respective company’s DNA.

In an individual consultation, you will receive information regarding important aspects, standards and trends of CSR as well as an orientation regarding sustainable corporate management.

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3D Printing Associatoin

Together with our business partner Marie-Lucie Linde, we are responsible for the “Sustainability Committee”.

Since its founding, the Verband 3DDruck [3-D Printing Association] e.V. has pursued a cross-industry and comprehensive approach as an independent think tank. The Association strives to form strategic alliances with all stakeholders who are working to develop additive manufacturing in Germany and throughout Europe as well. The motivation lies in the interest of the members and cooperation partners to provide forward-looking, concrete and helpful impulses for additive manufacturing in the areas of research, education, law, standardisation and sustainability.

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German Association for IMPACT INVESTING

Honorary Support

The German Initiative for Impact Investing would like to mobilise additional capital for the mastering of societal challenges through the development of the impact investing eco-system in Germany.

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We are a Training Partner of the DNK

The DNK supports the development of a Sustainability Strategy and offers an introduction into sustainability reporting. The reporting upon a regular basis makes the company’s development over the course of time transparent. In order to fulfil the DNK, users of the database create a declaration of the twenty DNK criteria and the supplemental non-financial Performance Indicators.

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